Irish Boxer Recovers from freak Dental event to continue her sporting rise


Boxing is a sport in which injuries are bound to happen as the whole point of the game is to hit your opponent in the face as hard as you can until he or she is knocked out and this involves series of upper cuts, jabs, and hooks which are directly targeted to the jaws and there are more likely to be facial injuries, nose injuries, and dental injuries.

Speaking of dental injuries Rose Ceire Smith is a decorated Irish boxer and she started boxing from the age of 17 and became one of the first female boxers of Ireland in the high-performance unit as a teenager representing and making a name for her country wherever she goes but it was not that easy for her as she had seen her fair share of problems as Smith had faced a career threatening freak dental event that took place inside the ring and she had to undergo a surgery.

A piece of medical instrument that made its way into her gut and after she won her 51kg first round against a Bulgarian boxer, in October 2013 during a rout canal she swallowed a sharp piece of dental instrument that she claims was told by the doctor that it would pass through her system but unfortunately ended up lodged near her hip only centimeters away from her femoral artery and was removed in September 2014 with the help of a surgery and the doctor who performed the route canal was sued by Smith for dental negligenceā€Œ, as were the health service executives.

Even after her surgery she was cost an opportunity, being an elite level boxer she was recovered in time for the Rio Olympics 2016 but her training and preparation were hindered and she could not succeed to be a part of Rio Olympics 2016. She is truly the national champion of Ireland and she also is the National champion of Ireland and after knowing how Smith recovered from a freak dental event to continue her sporting rise we all can trust her words as she said that she had felt abdominal pains throughout the year 2014 because of a doctors negligence which almost ruined her career.

Furthermore, she said that she did not bend and neither did she crack as she was from Cavan (in Ireland) and she was made from the strongest stuff and he also mentioned that she had recently completed her University degree from Dublin University in sports sciences and wishes to focus only on her training and boxing career and rise to the top.

Rose Ceire Smith is nothing less than an inspirational personality for the women worldwide and proved to the world that no matter how many challenges life throws at her she will swing back as hard as possible and for Rose Ceire Smith it would be right to say that she was the Irish Boxer who recovers from freak dental event to continue her sporting rise.

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